A natural choice. Homeopathic remedies are starting to make bigger waves in the medical industry than ever before

By Susan Blackard, RN, NDc, MHA, FNPc, certified homeopathic practitioner

You may know that homeopathy is a low-cost, nontoxic system of medicine with roots in ancient civilizations. But, did you know this therapy is used by millions of people worldwide, is a postgraduate medical specialty in England, and the royal family has their own homeopathic doctor?

During an 1849 cholera epidemic in Cincinnati, those treated with “conventional” medicine had a 40 percent to 70 percent mortality rate, while those treated with homeopathic substances lost the fight only 3 percent of the time.

That was before political forces in the medical industry forced this effective, inexpensive therapy out of use in favor of much more expensive, invasive, and profitable services.

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