A Typical Case from Our Practice
Grace brought in her son Jeff to see us when he was eight. Under evaluation for ADHD at the local children’s hospital because of his inability to sit still and pay attention in the classroom, kindergarten had been a nightmare for Jeff. His teacher couldn’t control his behavior. His attitude was terrible. Staying in his seat was impossible. Jeff jumped up every few minutes to sharpen pencils or chatter with his friends. Anything and everything distracted him. His mind drifted constantly. “He can even hear the grass grow,” his mother explained. Jeff simply could not hang onto directions. He talked out in class on a regular basis. His teachers lost patience with Jeff because of his interruptions and inability to focus. Jeff was quite a storyteller. He also conveniently forget to tell his mother when he got into trouble at school. Academic abilities were a real problem and Jeff was held back in the first grade because he couldn’t read. When we first saw this child, he had just started the second grade and was writing his numbers and letters backwards.

Jeff suffered huge mood swings. He could be “happy as a lark or mad as a hornet”- crying,  screaming,  swearing, slamming doors, and alternately telling his mother that he loved and hated her.

Life was a scary place for Jeff. He was afraid to look out of the windows at night, slept in bed with his brother until recently because he was afraid to be alone, and held his mom’s hand during scary movies until he was seven. He didn’t like the dark and slept with a night light. Jeff complained of diarrhea, stomach aches, and a constant runny nose and became wound up and wild after eating sugar.

We prescribed Lycopodium (club moss) for Jeff because it fit his symptoms quite well.  Two months after he was given the medicine, Jeff got his highest marks in school ever. The dyslexia was improving, he was able to sit sill, raise his hand, and pay attention in class. Over the next eighteen months, Jeff’s behavior steadily improved. He was able to make new friends more easily, the other children started to look up to Jeff because he was so agile in physical education. Jeff acted less impulsively and his teachers reported that he was extremely well behaved. He accomplished two years of math in six months and, for the first time, the teachers recognized that Jeff was very bright. They removed him from special education classes where had been placed due to his unruly behavior. Now, three years after beginning homeopathy, he continues to do very well in a regular classroom.

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